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Height Increasing Insoles FAQ

Here we answer your most common questions about height increasing insoles:


What are height increasing insoles (shoe lifts)?

Height increasing insoles, also known as shoe lifts, are insoles that you slip inside of your shoes for a slight boost in height.


Are there different styles of shoe lifts?

Yes, there are two main types of shoe lifts for men:

  • Full sized lifts that can be cut to size
  • Heel wedge lifts that sit at the heel of your shoe.

Full-sized lifts usually have guidelines printed on the lift to trim it to size.

This provides greater flexibility between shoes you can wear, ensuring a great fit each time.

Heel wedges are an excellent choice if you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your height.


Are height increasing insoles (shoe lifts) comfortable for daily wear?

Our shoe lifts will invisibly add several centimeters in height without causing any discomfort.

Every pair of height increasing insoles is made to provide superior comfort.

They are lightweight, made from soft material, and will cushion your heels throughout the day.

Even your natural instep will be supported.


What are the benefits wearing height increasing insoles?

Along with increased height, shoe lifts can promote better posture.

When you stand up straight, you naturally look taller.

Plus, you will feel much more confident and positive, too.


Will people know I am wearing height increasing insoles?

No. Unless you boost your height up to a level that will be noticeable, such as an extra 10 cm, then height increasing insoles will be imperceptible.


Can height increasing insoles be used in different pairs of shoes?

Yes. Shoe lifts usually fit into various kinds of shoes right out of the box.

You will not need to buy various styles to accommodate all of your shoe styles.


How much taller will shoe lifts make me?

Height increasing insoles come in a range of 2-6 centimeters.

The height increase is subtle, but it can make a world of difference!


Will I have to get the length of my pants altered?


While wearing a slightly longer trouser will aid in optimizing the illusion of more height, you should focus more on the overall fit of the pants.

Trousers should have a sufficient length and will fall nicely over the end of the shoes, where the shoe lifts are boosting your height.

In other words, wear your slightly longer pants, and you will be fine.


Can I exercise while wearing height increasing insoles?

Recreational activity, especially running, is not recommended while wearing shoe lifts.


How long will a pair of shoe lifts last?

Generally, height increasing insoles are very resilient and resistant to wear and moisture.

You should be able to wear your shoe lifts every single day for 4 months to a year.

However, it is not recommended to use them longer than that for hygienic reasons.


Are shoe lifts washable?

Yes. All shoe lifts are washable. Simply wipe them down with some soap and water then leave the insoles out to dry in open air.



Lift Your Life, Do It Today

At My Shoe Lifts, we bring you high-quality hidden shoe lifts, perfect for all those men who want to become taller in a harmless, practical fashion.

Without affecting in any possible way the comfort and health of the feet, knees, or back, millions out there are making the most from these fantastic shoe lifts.

But before deciding anything, know more about the shoe lifts we offer you at My Shoe Lifts.

What are the Shoe Lifts?

Also know as heel lifts, the shoe lifts are hidden insoles that are placed inside men’s shoes with the main goal of making them look taller in no time.

men unisex height insolesThese insoles are made of high-quality, comfortable materials and use ergonomic designs that properly adjust to your feet.

What is so special about the shoe lifts is that the you can greatly boost your confidence and improve the quality of your relationships, your professional career by excelling during job interviews, meeting clients, and on special occasions, like weddings, parties, and much more.

At My Shoe Lifts, there is a wide array of sizes and heights, representing an ideal solution for men with all kinds of preferences and height aspirations.

Adding a few inches to your total height was never this easy.

How Height Increasing Insoles Actually Work?

These taller inserts for height aren’t simple rubber insoles.

There is a well-thought technology behind them, one that guarantees the well-being of the feet, knees, back, neck, and avoiding any possible pain or discomfort, even when used every day.

Based on solid orthopedic research, high-quality shoe lifts offer an ergonomic design that properly distributes the body weight when standing and walking.

Also, what we can find efficient impact-absorbing features in most good designs, something that improves the overall experience.

Shoe Lifts in a Nutshell

Let get this clear: height increasing insoles are one of the most interesting and effective products out there for modern men who want to look taller and feel more confident.

That’s why at My Shoe Lifts, we want to make very clear the strong points that, as a man, you can enjoy when investing in this marvelous product:

  • You will feel more confident and, as a direct result of it, will project a better image of yourself in every possible situation.
  • You will give complete comfort to the feet while improving your posture, something that the user cannot achieve by using low-quality shoe lifts.
  • You will enhance the impact-absorbing capabilities of your shoes by using built-in air bubble technology in your quality insoles.

Make the Step, Become Taller, and Live Better

taller insertsAt My Shoe Lifts, we offer you a wide array of fantastic options in shoe lifts.

We have chosen only but the best products in the market, guaranteeing all our customers that they will be completely happy with their purchase.

If you are one of those men that love to invest in quality products to improve their lives on many different levels, our shoe lifts (heel lifts) are the right way to go.

There is nothing like purchasing an accessory that will make you feel more confident, comfortable, and determined about your mission in life.

Analyze yourself and decide which is the right height for you to make the most.

Then, visit My Shoe Lifts and invest in satisfaction.