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10 Fashion Tips For Short Men to Look Taller

Shorter stature got you down?

There are many short men out there who have made it big, from movie stars to basket players; so what excuse do you have for not looking suave and cool?

Height is merely perception, and your clothing is one of the things that give others their first impression of how tall you truly stand.

From attracting the ladies to looking more presentable in the office, here are 10 fashion tips for shorter guys to look taller:

1. Avoid Baggy, Low Trousers

Saggy jeans and trousers might seem cool, especially amongst the younger crowd; but just because it is cool does not make it right, okay.

In fact, if you are shorter, those baggy, creased legs and lower than average waistline will visibly stunt your height.

Opt for this instead: well-tailored trousers that sit at your natural waistline to maximize the length of your legs.

Next, go for slimmer cut trousers, khakis, and jeans with a lower rise (distance from middle of the crotch to the waistband).

This will make your legs look longer by lengthening the torso slightly.

2. Shoe Lifts

Sometimes a little extra lift can really boost your confidence.

Shoe lifts are a total game-changer for shorter men because they provide some additional height without looking unnatural (although friends might notice the sudden growth spurt if you go above 2 inches).

Most shoe lifts are very comfortable to wear and made to fit in various shoe styles—just not slip-ons and sandals.

Plus, you can choose a couple different heights to meet your needs.

Not only that, but many shoe lifts are durable, making them a worthwhile investment.

3. Blazers, Not Trench Coats

This goes for all outerwear, hoodies included.

Anything that goes below the waistline is going to make your legs look stumpy, so do not do it.

Again, the waistline is important. A fitted blazer or suit jacket does several things.

First, a blazer builds up the shoulders, adding height.

Keeping the jacket closed establishes the illusion of a tighter, longer torso.

If you are not sure how to choose, enlist the help of a tailor.

4. Tuck It In

Button-down shirts should never pass the hip bone.

For short men, this means tucking in your shirt.

Tucking in gives the illusion of a slimmer line and makes your legs look longer, because the waistline is visible.

But if you are keen on wearing shirts designed to remain untucked, then just be sure these clothes do not go past the hipbone. Ever.

If you do not believe it, take a gander at even your taller counterparts when they wearing untucked shirts.

Guaranteed they will look much shorter than usual.

5. Upward Sweep

This has nothing to do with your hair.

You know when you were a kid and how utterly terrifying tall adults were when you gazed at them from the ground up?

About the time you reached their face, you would be horrified.

Chances are, they were not even that tall, but this upward sweep of the eyes is an optical illusion that will benefit you.

This means steering clear of flashy, brightly colored shoes (sorry cowboy), big belt buckles, and garish watches.

Choose a simply designed baseball cap, pocket square, or necklace instead.

6. Stop Slouching

Although this is not necessarily a faster tip, think of this as a must-do when dressing and walking around with shoe lifts.

Man with impaired posture position defect scoliosis and ideal bearing.

If you slouch, you automatically put yourself at a lower height.

By standing with a long, straight back, you are giving off confident vibes and owning your genes.

Plus, standing straight means the fit of your clothes will sit better on your body.

7. Monochromatic Hues

What works for women does not work for men.

Bright patterns and contrasting colors will do nothing for your height.

Instead, wear a monochromatic scheme where you vary shades.

This does not mean “wear all black.” For example, wear black jeans, a white undershirt, and a light gray sweater.

If you do wind up mixing colors, remember to go dark on the bottom, light on top.

This again creates the “upward sweep.”

8. Slim Neckties

Avoid wide neckties, long and wide neckties, and bowties (if you have a thicker neck).

Many men seem to like wider neckties with horizontal or diagonal stripes to pair with a white button-down, but this is actually taking inches off your height.

And it adds girth, which makes you look more squat. Same with bowties.

What do you do instead? Wear a slim tie that falls just above the natural waistline.

The design should either be a pop of color different from your monochromatic scheme (there is that upward sweep again) and have a minimalistic pattern, if anything at all.

An example would be a navy suit, white collared shirt, and a silvery necktie.

9. Vertical Stripes

In other words, horizontal stripes are a no-no.

When you have a keg instead of a six-pack, those horizontal stripes will indeed make you look much wider than intended.

It does not matter if you are wearing a horizontally striped t-shirt or tie, this result is the same.

Always look for vertical stripes, which accentuate the length of the body, slim you down, and straighten you up.

Vertical color blocking also works.

Avoid heinously large prints (no Hawaiian shirts) and other extra-large logos on your tees.

10. Avoid Cargo Shorts

Remember what was said in the beginning?

No bagginess below the waist. That means those wide-legged cargo shorts with a hundred different pockets you love sporting in the summer need to go.

Here is why: the bagginess detracts from the length of your thigh. Covering the knee does the same.

This does not mean you cannot wear shorts, you just need ones that fit properly.

Aim for Bermuda or Chino shorts, which will fall just above the knee without appearing too wide.

In fact, shorts with legs that taper in towards the knee will add the illusion of length.

Final Thoughts

So what is now your fashion mantra? “Dark on the bottom, light on the top.” Just because you inherited a short stature does not mean you have to feel like Ant Man in a world of giants.

There are tons of ways to accentuate your assets and give the illusion of height.

Confidence is one, which can be gained for shoe lifts, posture, and good hygiene.

The other part is dressing to own your body: vertical lines, monochromatic hues, well-tailored pants and blazers, and nothing to bright below.

With these 10 tips, you will have mastered the art of dressing taller. Now all you have to do is look the part.

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