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Confidence is sexy.

Everyone says it so it must be true, but confidence is such a fragile thing.

Some people seem to have it in spades and others of us just don’t. Lack of confidence can come from almost anything from a lack of experience to a lack of fashion sense to a certain social awkwardness, and even height.

We can’t do much about your fashion sense, but we can do a little something about your height.

My name is Alan Newman, and I launched My Shoe Lifts in 2010 because I and my friends were looking for a way to make ourselves taller without advertising the fact.

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When we were testing the first prototypes, we found that height does, quite often, make a difference.

We felt more confident in social situations. We felt more confident in work situations.

Whether it was the height itself or the confidence that came from it, we feel like we were taken more seriously with the additional height than we were without it.

It shouldn’t be that way. In a fair world, nobody would care about how tall we are, least of all ourselves, but we don’t live in a fair world.

We live in this world and we’re just trying to make the best of it. We think of it as taking a realistic approach to an unrealistic world.

We make and sell shoe lifts to help those – like ourselves – who suffer a lack of confidence due to a lack of height.

We offer several different heights for both men and women, and while we can’t guarantee that you’ll be more confident in social and business situations, all of our experience says you will.

Stop watching life pass you by.

Get our lifts, get confident, and live the life you’ve been dreaming of.