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Product FAQs

1) Where can I buy these shoe lifts from?

We sell our shoe lifts through our commercial website We offer shipping services to most countries. Please see the details for shipping here.

2) Do I get guarantee that they will make me appear taller?

Yes, you will appear taller because that is the main aim of selling this product. Our shoe lifts will increase your height as much as 2.4 inches (6cm). Please feel free to give them a trial, if you are not satisfied to inform us via email and we will give you a full refund. Please read our 30-day refund policy here.

3) Are these shoe lifts sold in pairs?

All our shoe lifts are sold in pairs, packaged in a convenient way to help the customers easily make a choice.

4) Can I freely use these shoe lifts daily without any discomfort?

We have considered this angle, and to ensure a complete satisfaction for a very customer we have made our shoe lifts very comfortable, using the lightweight neoprene which makes the insoles mold to fit your shoes and feet perfectly.

5) Am I in danger of suffering from back aches by using these shoe lifts?

There is no danger to your back when you use our shoe lifts because they have been orthopedically developed to provide absolute comfort and balance especially for our users who stay on their feet for very long periods.

6) How long can I possibly use a shoe lift before I will need to buy a new one?

Ideally, for hygienic reasons a shoe lift is meant to be changed after 4 months, asides this fact, our shoe lifts will serve you all through this period effectively because they are extremely durable and resistant to moisture.

7) Can I partake in sports while wearing these shoe lifts?

It is not advisable to partake in sports while wearing a shoe lift.

8) Do I get to choose different sizes or is it “one size fits all” product?

Yes, our universal shoe lifts can be used with all kinds of shoes because if lifts the heels, for special cases, we have thoughtfully made the base of the insole with perforated edges that can be easily trimmed to fit into any shoe size.

9) Can I wash these shoe lifts?

Yes, you should wash your shoe lifts, the recommendations is washing with a brush and water. Leave outdoors, under a shade to dry.

10) For this payment, what will be the indication on my credit card billing statement?

The payment description will read- “PAYPAL *LIFTHEIGHTI”.

11) How to use the products?

Please refer here.

Shipment FAQs

1) What are the shipping options?

Our products are shipped out using FedEx. You will be provided with the delivery tracking link once your order has been processed.

2) How long will it take for the delivery to be made?

Deliveries will be made within 5 business days excluding weekends and public holidays.

3) What will the delivery package look like?

As a policy, we ensure that there will be no description of the product contained in the box on the outer part of the packaging. For countries where the customs might require identification, we will simply give a description like- insoles on the declaration forms provided.

4) Do you ship to a mailbox?

No, we do not ship to mailboxes or military outposts following the policies of the courier company. We will require a correct residential or office address where your product will be shipped to.

5) How can I go about returning the product and getting my money back?

We have a strict 30-day return policy for all goods. If you are not satisfied with your product after delivery, please notify us by email with the reasons and we will initiate the process of providing a FULL refund. Please click here to read about our satisfaction guarantee.