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My Shoe Lifts products are extremely easy to use.

1) Men 2 Inch Full Length Height Insoles / Women 2 Inch Full Length Height Insoles:

Step 1: Set the shoes in front of you, loosen up the laces, slide the shoe lifts into your shoes. Step 2: If you notice the shoe lifts don’t fit into the shoe properly, trim to size following the perforated lines at the base of the shoe lift using scissors.

*Trimming will not be necessary if the shoe lift fits into your shoes.

Step 3: Slip your feet into your shoes, tie up your shoe laces and you are ready to go!


2) Unisex 2.4 Inch Half Length Height Insoles:

Step 1: Set the shoes in front of you, loosen up the laces. Step 2: Insert the shoe lifts under your original shoes insoles (If your shoes do not have original insoles, you may buy a pair of standard insoles at any shoes stores). Step 3: Wear your shoes and tighten your shoe laces to comfortable level. You are ready to go!

*If you need to create more room in your shoes while using the shoe lift, you can consider the following:

1. Wearing a slightly bigger shoe to accommodate your need for more space. This is usually the solution for any complaint of discomfort felt at the heel where the insert raises your foot and edges it forward, a bigger shoe will have more room to permit the function of the shoe lift.

2. Avoid tying up your laces too tight.

3. Take out the removable layers inside your show to create more room for a comfortable experience while using the shoe lift.